Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So this weekend was Hillsboro Roubaix. Great race, I did it last year and did not do so well so I wanted to come back and get a good result. It was Bennett Chad B. and I at the start.

Our plan was for me to cover big moves the first lap and have Chad a Bennett sit back. The first lap went by and Chad crashed but managed to get back on. About half way trough the second lap I had a little mechnical issue with my front wheel and stoped to fix it. It could not have come at a worse time either as the feild was at full bore at the time. I chased HARD for a few miles and got close only to see texas roadhouse at the front bringing back two riders. I made it really close but by the time I got the the cobble section the feild was gone!

Chad B. ended up getting across to the move and scored a nice 2nd place,Bennett managed 4th in the feild and was top 15.

SUNDAY was a better day scoring my first win on the season. I planned on going to the marion race in Indy on sunday but the weather looked really bad so Chad, Bennett, Christy and I headed over to Ohio for the Hueston Woods RR where we met up with Marco. It ended up being an awesome day for racing, clear skys close to 70.

On the first on the 8 laps Bennett took a nice solo move and stayed away for 40 miles! he had his gap up to 2:30 at one point, WOW. We ended up realing him in at 45 miles in and nothing big happened after that. Te four of us kept the feild together and with a half a lap to go Chad and bennett kept the pace up for the finish. I jumped at the bottom of the hill and got a big gap on the feild taking the win with marco in 4th.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Team Camp!!

So team camp has been over for almost a week but how about an update!

Team camp went awesome. I arrived in Cleveland on sunday night and woke up monday feeling terrible. I had a super bad cold with a pretty high fever. Good way to start of camp. Camp started wed. morning so I figured all day in the car on tuesday would cure me! No such luck... when I got to Camp I spent the first two days in my room sleeping. It was ok because Chad the bird man was also sick so the two of us were quarantined in the same room.

Camp pretty much consisted of getting all of our team gear and getting bike fits done by wobblenaught. There was not much riding at camp because we had so much to cover but we did get out for a killer lead out session on some closed roads in thew rain and did a trip up Paris mountain.

After camp ended, I headed back to Asheville with my coach Andy Applegate to get a few days of more riding in. Christy had a PT school interview in Chattnooga that same day so afterwards she met up with us in Asheville for a few days of riding and relaxing. Now that camp is done with all there is left to do is race, well that, and WIN!!

This is MINU. (spelling?). She is one of Andy and Cara Applegate's companions:

O yea it also snowed in Asheville the first day I got there, I guess it was the most snow they got in 10 years! it was only a few inches....

and this is for Rhyno Rhinoceros Ramathorn (I know it's not a RHINO)

that's all...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Team Camp next week

So this will be my last week of riding the rollers! And it could not come any sooner, we just got hit by a bunch more snow so i'm really itching to get some real riding in the legs.

Sunday is Christy's 24th birthday and I have some cool actvities planed and then at 3pm I'm leaving for the bus station where I will take a 10 hr. trip to Cleveland. If you did the math you realize that the bus will be getting to Cleveland at 12:30am! But its ok because my extremly willing team director Chad is going to come pick me up.

I'll hang out at his house the 23rd and get things ready to go to camp and the the 24th we are leaving for greenville SC! Camp is the 25th-1st and I could not be more excited.

After camp i'm going to head to Asheville with my coach Andy Applegate for another week of training. Christy is comming from home to meet up with us and also get the miles in. I think we may even visit her teammates in Banner Elk. I have been wanting to go there for a while.

Check back later I will post photos from camp and give a full report of how bad, or.... how good? I get hazed.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey, nice whip

Christy just got her new race wheels yesterday thanks to Chris Mclaren at spinergy! I mounted some sweet new kenda rubber on them and threw them on, I think it looks pretty hott, what do you think?? I think she is going to make them go REALLY fast!

Monday, February 9, 2009

4.5 hr. ride + some good friends, good weather = good time!

Nate Tom and I
Nate Tom and Christy

Nate and I
This past weekend finally brought some awesome weather for the begining of feb. Saturday Christy and I got out for 4.5 hrs in 50 degree weather and sunday Christy and I made out way to Grand rapids to ride with some good friends and old team mates on a sunny 4.5 hr ride.
Its nice to start to get outside and log the miles but its just a tease because the nice weather will only last untill friday then its back to snow and ice......and the rollers.
Only a few weeks untill greenville training camp!!
Thanks for reading, well if anyone does? If no one is reading is this like talking to myself?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

outside on my bike

I went a lot of days without riding my bike outside, I broke that streak yesterday! The temp finally made it up to 35 degrees. I have kinda made a rule where I don't ride outside unless it is 35 degrees out. The last outside ride I had was in florida, where is was in the 7o's but that was just a tease with just 5 days of riding.

Today it is high of 50 so I am headed out for a 4hr ride and sunday I'm going to grand rapids to get in a group ride with some old teammates for 5hrs. I will post some photos!